Stephanie Irvine

Stephanie Irvine


I started playing the harp at age 10, when I began to take lessons with Scottish harpist Catriona McKay. At 15, I went to study at Douglas academy music school in Milngavie, Scotland, where I studied harp and voice. After studying instrument making and working as a luthier, I decided to move to Sweden to study a bachelors degree in World Music Performace at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg.
There, I studied voice with Swedish singer Ingrid Brännström, as well as taking instrumental lessons with bass guitarist Stefan Bergman and fiddler Mia Marine. I graduated in 2022, and since then I have worked with different projects within folk music, improvisation and theatre, as well as writing my own music. 

Violin Maker

At 18, I apprenticed with the luthier Guust François in Amsterdam. There I made my first instrument, a viola after the 16th century Brescian maker Gasparo da Salo. I then went on to study at Newark School of Violin Making.

After graduating in 2017, I moved home to Scotland and set up a workshop in Glasgow together with violin maker Linus Andersson, working with both new making and repairs. I moved to Sweden in 2019, and now share a workshop with double bass maker Elinore Morris ( at Hedefors Bruk, by the Säveån river.
I make violins, violas and cellos to commission, as well as doing set-up and repair work.

I like to work together with the musician to create an instrument that suits their playing style and sound ideal. I build mostly traditional models, but am very open to creative collaborations with musicians to make more unusual, bespoke instruments. If you would like to know more about commissioning an instrument, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Upcoming events

20th May ︎︎︎ Marie Hamborg’s Exam Concert @ Oceanen, Göteborg

Upcoming events

12/11 ︎︎︎ Concert with Göteborgs Alternativa Orkester, Gnosjö, Sweden 

01-02/10 ︎︎︎ Shows with Oceanallover, Cottiers, Glasgow, Scotland

26/10 ︎︎︎ MANX Album release , Hotel HOBO, Stockholm, Sweden

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